With the help of the Trusted Mirror's Secure Computing Platform, financial companies can conduct risk auditing and model evaluation on customer financial data. The platform provides privacy protection for financial data.

Trusted Mirror's Access Control Service provides an enterprise-level secure access control management system for financial companies' internal data services, preventing risks such as account theft and abuse of rights.

Trusted Mirror's Key Management Services can be used to prevent the risk of traditional account/passwords being leaked or manually touched, ensuring the security of financial data.

Trusted Mirror's financial database reinforcement solution provides fine-grained data protection to meet the requirements of GB-T 28448-X standards.


Enabling secure sharing of medical data computation and collaboration, and multi-party training for more accurate diagnostic models.

Ensuring that patient privacy data is not leaked while ensuring the owner's data assets.

Without compromising personal privacy, third-party health agencies are allowed to process medical records to generate safety and health reports.

Cloud Computing

Deploying TrustedMirror's secure computing platform in a cloud computing environment can leverage its powerful computing power to achieve secure multi-party computing and provide private data training and various private data outsourcing computing services.

Use SGX-based key management services to replace traditional HSM solutions, reduce service deployment costs, and enable dynamic migration of services. It also provides secure storage security and communication security of public cloud-sensitive data.

The access control module allows to be flexibly configured to implement access control of cloud internal resources and secure sharing of data results.

Based on the trusted audit service of trusted mirror, the data security statistics are summarized in the case where the data source is not exposed.

Risk Control

Trusted Mirror provides a data security retrieval service to ensure that enterprises can access different data sources (e.g., identity verification, credit records, liability information, law information, traffic information) without data leaving their source. This is significantly useful for credit review, risk assessment and post-lending precision marketing.

Combined with the secure computing platform, companies can develop their own risk control standards without worrying about standard leaks to any third parties.

Combined with differential privacy techniques to assure that not only personal consumption and credit records but also corporate business records will not be revealed as a result of retrieval requests.


Provides a trusted execution environment for existing blockchain computing nodes to implement privacy smart contracts.Provide remote verification capabilities to verify and audit the use and results of computing power.

A more efficient consensus mechanism with the following characteristics:
Low latency transaction verification
Deterministic confirmation time
Fair distributed mining
Lower energy consumption

Artificial Intelligence

Trusted Mirror's secure trusted computing platform leverages hardware-software solution to guarantee that the training data will never leak during the learning process, together with the proof of the authenticity of the training process and training results.

Trusted Mirror's secure trusted computing platform combines GPU and TEE to achieve a highly optimized privacy AI framework that accelerates the machine learning process.

Trusted Mirror's secure trusted computing platform allows data parties that do not believe each other to import data securely into the platform, and integrate and train to achieve trusted federated learning.

The whole solution ensures that the intellectual property of machine learning algorithms and models should not be stolen.